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Fly with Daniel was born out of a desire to share the experience of traveling around the world, meeting you ''reader'' and collaborating together.
My passion for cameras started in 2018 when I first got my GoPro.
Like many others of my age, the only access to childhood memories we have is through some black & white photos. Technology has gone so much further these days.
“No camera can capture, what your eyes capture.”
The only difference is that we cannot edit in our minds and arrange it according to our heart's pleasure.
That's why I am here for you.
To always remember a moment in your life.


Meet Daniel, a passionate traveler, filmmaker, and drone pilot with a taste for life. Whether he's capturing breathtaking landscapes or unraveling hidden gems, Daniel's camera is his constant companion on his adventurous journeys.His adventures are not just solo endeavors; Daniel and his beloved wife are inseparable travel companions, creating unforgettable memories together.One country that holds a special place in Daniel's heart is the Netherlands. The vibrant tulip fields that stretch as far as the eye can see have always enchanted him. It's not just the vivid colors that captivate Daniel, but the rich history and cultural significance behind these beautiful flowers.In a world filled with countless stories waiting to be told, Daniel, the intrepid traveler, filmmaker, and drone pilot, continues to explore, capture, and share his remarkable journey with the world, one frame at a time.Thank you for supporting Daniel!

In a world where you can be anyone, be yourself!



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Street Photography


Night Photography

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What makes a great video editor?

A great video editor is more than just a button pusher, they're a storyteller, a listener, a problem solver and an artist all in 1.

New Cinematic Drone Video from Portugal

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2D & 3D Models

When discovered the beauty of flying I also discovered that I can combine my engineering background and pilot skills for delivering 2D/3D models of construction sites.
With the help of Drone Deploy, I can create accurate, high-resolution digital replicas with 3D models and real-time 2D maps.
With the resulting model, you can count objects and take a variety of measurements including volume, slope, distance, area, and elevation.

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Legal Flying

I own the remote pilot certificates to fly almost everywhere in Europe, according to fly regulations in each country.

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LIVVO Volcan Lanzarote